What is KonMari™ ?


·  Step by Step Process to Whole House, Whole Life Reorganization
developed by Marie Kondo, Professional Organizer, Author, & Netflix Star

·  Emphasis on “Sparking Joy”
You should be surrounded by items in your home and life that bring you joy. There is no one way to KonMari the process is the same for everyone but the results will be as individual as you are.

·  Minimal Expense
Expensive Organizers, Bins, Boxes, and Containers Not Needed
When you simplify first the organizing is easy and can often be accomplished with items you already own. You will not need to purchase costly containers 

What does a session look like?


 Simplify Raleigh organizes every space in the home using the KonMari™ method.  

I use the following four steps to simplify the process:

1.  Vision  

2.  Sort by category

3.  Declutter

4.  Organize

Appointments usually run 3-5 hours.